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The execution of bending operations in the automatic mode, only by introducing parameters of plate thickness, length and the desired final radius, contributes to a great efficiency and production effectiveness of the Hydraulic Bending Machine. As a result integrating in MARCOVIL a department exclusively dedicated to electronics, working side by side with the hydraulics department, MARCOVIL develops and produces the most complete CNC System for Hydraulic Bending Machines, implemented in 4 ROLL models. It is also applied in 2 Rolls Hydraulic Bending Machines, model BU.

Main Features of the CNC System:

  • Ensures rolls parallelism even during up and down movements.
  • Bending operation in fully automatic mode, the CNC System controls the position of the axes and the rotation of the 4 rolls.
  • Automaticmode, with the creation of direct bending programs, doesn’t require the operator to have large bending experience. Simply insert the sheet parameters length and thickness, the desired final radius and the correction factor according to the type of plate.
  • Automaticmode using the TEACH IN function to reproduce the operation.
  • Worldwide innovation: Through a perfectly integrated electronic-hydraulic system, the plate’s thickness control is carried out during the operation, in order to eliminate the risks of damaging soft and low-thickness material.
  • Integrated Industrial PC with great processing and storage capacity for programs. USB connection to remove and insert new programs.
  • Each program allows the registration of 100 steps of rolls’ positioning.
  • Languagemode, the control is available in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German and Russian. Possibility to enter other languages.

Axis Control



The NC System is fully developed and produced by MARCOVIL and is applied in 4 and 3 Roll Sheet Metal Bending Machines in order to fill the gap between the CNC control (which allows the process to be carried out in fully automatic mode) and the Digital Read Outs Control, which only views the rolls’ position.

It is also applied in Profile Bending Machines; RP and PBMS models; and in 2 Roll Hydraulic Bending Machines, Model BU.

Main Features of the NC System:

  • Ensures the rolls’ parallelism.
  • TEACH IN  mode to record values of the side axes and the rolls’ position in the respective program.
  • Automatic mode, with the TEACH IN function, to reproduce the manual bending operation previously performed.
  • The automatic mode controls the position of the side rolls; the rotation and position of the lower roll is performed manually by the operator.
  • Edit mode allows creating programs by filling the table with the rolls positioning.
  • Each program allows the registration of 50 steps with roll positioning.
  • Language mode: the control is available in following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German and Russian. Possibility to enter other languages.

Axis Control


Aditional features:

    • Communication with ERP system for production analysis
    • Remote maintenance for software updates
    • Integration with feeding, extraction and welding systems
    • Barcode reading for automatic production
    • Program creation in automatic mode
    • Preventive maintenance integrated alerts
    • Production reports

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