2 Roll

Plate Bending Machine - Quick Bending

Our 2-roll plate bending machine, model BU, has been tested for years. It combines high precision with high capacity and profitability. The machine has overlapped rolls. The upper roll is made of steel, while the lower roll is covered with Urethane.By pressing the upper roll onto the flexible bottom roll (Urethane Roll), the plates will be curved with high precision. A perfect pre-bending will be obtained on both sides of the plate. Using a wide range of tool solution, different diameters can be achieved.

Model BU-U

For Cylindrical Geometries

Model BU-UT

For Conical Geometries

Model BU-UA

Full Automatic Roll Bendig

Main features

  • Production of about 4.000 pieces per day
  • Simple Operation
  • Perfect Circularity
  • Without damaging the plates
  • Prepared to bend different materials: Stainless, carbon steel, aluminum and cooper.

Optional Features

  • Special Bending Tools:
    • Enlargement tubes (Slip-on)
    • Flexroll
    • Special upper roll
    • Device for removable upper roll
  • Upper support
  • Side support
  • CNC or NC system
  • Automatic ejector
  • Fully automatic bending

Standard Configurations

  • Strong steel construction
  • Structure in steel S355JR welded and machined in CNC milling machines
  • Upper roll in 42CrMo4
  • Lower roll coated with Urethane
  • Manual feeding table
  • Spherical locking system to absorb the axial forces
  • Fixed control panel
  • Red safety cable around the machine
  • EC Certificate

Special Bending Tools

Split-On Tubes

The application of riser tubes in the upper roller allows the manufacture of tubes with large diameters.
Different magnifying tubes are available according to the machine model.


When using the Flexroll system the sheet metal is first made cylindrically and in a secondary operation is formed inversely by the blade of the scraper. This is possible by simply changing the position of the wiper blade to reach different diameters.

Special Top Roller

The special upper roller is a full length metal coated roller having a smaller diameter therein. Roll deformation is prevented through the metal coating. With the special roller it is possible to bend cylinders with small diameter and with great precision.

Reliable top Roller Device

This device is comprised of an upper upper roller support, which allows different smaller roller lengths and diameters to be used. The device is specially designed for the manufacture of pipes with small diameters.

Bending capacity:

Largura Máx. de Chapa (mm)
Espessura de Chapa (mm)
ø Rolo Inferior (mm)
ø Rolo Superior (mm)
BU-U 500
0,4 to 2
100 to 140
BU-U 750
120 to 140
BU-U 1100
130 to 150
BU-U 1250
140 to 180

1) The capacities are based on stainless steel with yield point 360 N/mm2.
2) Other special versions are available but not listed. Please contact us for more information.
3) All data subject to change without prior notice.

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