Electronic Shredder Residue (ESR)

Recycling Plant

Technical Features

Electronic Shredder Residue (ESR)

A valuable source of Secondary Raw Materials

Electronic Shredder Residue (ESR) Recycling Plant

Electronic Shredder Residue (ESR)

We design Specific layouts

According to Your:

  • Input % Mass Composition
  • Input per Hour
  • Recovery Goals



Plastic* without metals

*As optional without flame retardants and heavy plastics

Printed circuit boards (PCB)

Mix* Non Ferrous Metals

*As optional copper and aluminum mono fractions


Turnkey Solutions

Process Engineering
Layout Design
Electrical Cabinet
Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
Start-Up, Commissioning, Formation

Industrial Automation

  • SCADA Control
  • Remote Access
  • Algorithm for Predictive Maintenance
  • Real-Time Production Analysis

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