Marcovil invested in the implementation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption

Marcovil remains attentive to the existing environmental challenges that are daily faced by all citizens. The implementation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption is increasingly justified. These systems allow, on the one hand, to save on energy consumption coming from the grid and, on the other hand, they work as a kind of insurance against an increase in energy, all this without forgetting the contribution that this way makes to a reduction in the footprint ecological .

Thus, Marcovil decided once again to invest in 186 Modules with 540 Wp of power in coplanar roof and/or flat sandwich roof, both in aluminum and stainless steel, which makes a total of 100.44 kWp. Added to this investment are the 304 modules with 275 Wp already installed, equivalent to 83.6 kWp, thus making a total of 184.04 kWp installed at Marcovil.

We closed the year on a sustained basis and we hope to renew your confidence in the course of the next year!

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