Capacity up to 12,5 Tons, with different fixation systems.
Monorail available in a straight and curved configuration.



  • The monorail beam is built in coffin type beam or profile depending on the fixation system and nominal load
  • Different configurations in straight line and curved line
  • Surface Treatment: The entire metal structure is shot blasted in MARCOVIL Automatic Shot Blasting Machine to grade SA 2,5, with painting scheme according to the surrounding environment.
  • Lifting movement with two speeds or manual drive with chain
  • Direction movement with inverter speed or manual drive with chain or manual push.
  • Protection class IP55 for motors.
  • Protection class IP55 for electric cabinet.
  • Pendant control with plug connection and with or without independent movement.

Safety Features

  • If it is electric:
    • Load limiter.
    • Lift limit switch.
    • Direction limit switch.
  • Acoustic and luminous warning signal.
  • Emergency stop button on the pendant control and on the radio remote control.
  • Pictograms.
  • General external cut in the monorail electrical cabinet.

Optional Features

  • Radio remote control.
  • Detection cells when there is more than one electric hoist on the monorail
  • Monorail handling tools.
  • Stainless steel electric cabinet.
  • Protection class IP65 for electric motors.

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