Precautions COVID-19

Given the current pandemic situation due to the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its implications for society, Marcovil distributed to the employees a COVID19 protection kit, composed of a sieve, a surgical mask and a washable mask, and gloves.
Aware of this new reality, Marcovil has taken measures from day one to ensure the safety of all its staff, thus allowing productive continuity at this delicate stage.

We want everyone to be in good health, maintaining rules of protection and distance, so that we can win this fight as soon as possible.


Safety and quality at first

EN 1090 certification guarantees the safety and quality of fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminum structures according EU technical requirements, and provides CE Marking which is indicative of mandatory compliance for free movement of products within the European Single Market.

To continue to ensure the quality of its equipments, Marcovil renewed once more the EN 1090 certification.

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