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Model MAK CR

The MAK CR Rotating Sieve performs the separation and recovery of waste by size.

Waste is introduced by the conveyor belt into the rotating drum. The interior of the rotating drum is coated by sieving mesh, and may have one or more types of sieving meshes.

Thus, the rotating drum sets in a wheel block, in its axial movement induced by the rotation of one or more wheel blocks, performs the dimensional separation of the residues into two or more different fractions, depending on the number of meshes in the drum.

Other elements may also be placed inside the drum such as stars or knives, which improve the waste breakdown and thereby increase the screening efficiency.


Rotation speed between 6 to 12 r.p.m.

Variation of speed in the rotation movement

Anti-wear screening mesh HB 400

Sieve mesh bolted to frame and therefore removable

Different screening meshes according to intended particle size separation

Drum supported on wheels with polyurethane coating with 90 Shore hardness

Rotation tracks machined with high precision to ensure concentric movement

Guide wheel at the end of the rotating drum

Anti-winding system

Waste desintegration elements (stars or knives)

Inspection windows with safety devices

Access door to interior with safety device

Net protection of the support wheels and drum rotation track, with safety device

Rotation sensor

Emergency stop buttons at the four ends

Interior lighting

EC certificate