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Conveyor belts play a very important role in connecting all stages of the waste separation and recovery process.

We have a wide range of conveyor belt configurations that adapt with high reliability to different configurations of separation units, different types of waste and to different steps of the process and workloads.

Chain Conveyor – Model MTCR

Flat Conveyor – Model MTL

Station Conveyor – Model MTU

Sorting Conveyor – Model MTCH

Acceleration Conveyor – Model MTA

Reversible Conveyor – Model MTRV

Rotary Conveyor – Model MTRT

Mobile Conveyor – Model MTMV


Operation by friction over rolls or by chains

Conveyor’s metallic structure equipped with profiled sheet developed by MARCOVIL

“V” type side panels with slide bavettes

Anti Oil rubber belts

Rubber belting with different typologies: smooth, ribbed, with cleats

Driving drum with rubber coating with a thickness of 10 mm

Tensioning drum with adjustment by screw type stretchers

Driving drum and tightener with shaft coupled by conical bushing

Scrapers with Teflon bars attached to the driving drum

Limit switch on both sides of the conveyor, with red steel cable

Rotation sensor (Optional)

Removable covers (Optional)

Protections in accordance with existing directives

EC Certificate