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Model MAK PP

The MAK PP PET Bottle Perforator allows the PET bottles to be perforated in large quantities per hour, guaranteeing the extraction of liquids and airflow prior to pressing operation.

The PET Bottle Perforator consists of two shafts, at least one is driven directly by a gearmotor. Each shaft has a set of drilling nozzles which, upon rotation, perform the drilling of the PET bottles, releasing them through the exit gate.

Usually the PET bottle punchers are installed inside a gravity line of the Manual Screening Cabinet. This way, when the triador is selecting the PET bottles that pass on the screening conveyor, places them in the gravitational course containing the perforator, which automatically performs the perfuration, and then follows to the press.

The perfurator is also an interesting solution before the optical separator. In addition to the perfurating operation, there is also a crushing operation which makes the optical reading more efficient, since the bottles stop rolling on the acceleration conveyor.


Shaft rotation by direct drive

Shaft cleaning system

Removable perfurating nozzles

Security systems included

EC Certificate