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The CARPENFER model, in closed circuit by carousel system for feeding and extraction of parts, is the ideal solution for stripping parts with complex geometries, guaranteeing high productivity rates.

The parts to be stripped are suspended in hooks coupled to the variable speed carousel system, which continuously conveys them to the projection chamber where a set of electrically driven and properly positioned centrifugal turbines project at a speed of 3.000 rpm a mixture of spherical and angular steel grit against the parts guaranteeing a pattern of uniform tretament throughout the piece to grade SA 2.5.

The pieces can also be rotated inside the projection chamber.

After the projection chamber the stripped parts pass through a cleaning chamber composed of high pressure blowers that remove the dust and the grit deposited on the parts.

The dust resulting from the stripping process is extracted by a fan into a filter cabinet.

The automatic stripping process takes place in a closed circuit. The projected grit is collected with a screw conveyor, installed at the bottom of the machine, up to the elevator bucket that transports i tinto the recuperator, mounted over the machine and distributes it within the projection turbines.

Depending on the size of the parts to be stripped, the projection chamber, the number of turbines and other elements are defined. Contact us to know more.


Projection camera built and lined with anti-wear material

Turbines of high performance and endurance for grit projection with capacity of 7,5 kW to 22 kW, depending on the model

Cleaning chamber composed of high pressure blowers

Bucket elevator

Recuperator with respective grit distribution valves with pneumatic adjustment

Dust extraction by filter cabinet fan with automatic filter cleaning filter sequencer

System of recovery and treatment of grit, maintaining a suitable granulometry, eliminating thin and impurities

Closed circuit in carousel system with hooks coupled to transport the suspended parts

Variable speed during the entrance of the parts, allowing different work patterns